My new year! At New Leaf in Chicago

So needless to say this year has been interesting. So many changes and so many new things to worry about. I used to write a blog all the time. Share what I was doing on a weekly basis. Then I got burned out! I think it is time for a change. I want to start writing and sharing again! I am just going to start by sharing some of my favorite weddings..just to start the inspirational juices flowing.

This one is definitely one I will remember and go down in my own little history as one of my favorites. It was small and intimate and done in a floral shop in Downtown Chicago. What I remember most is the kindness. The kindness of the bride and groom. The way that the family made you feel like you were one of their own. I loved every minute. I walked out like I had really captured what the day look like and when I look at these images I am transported back to the kindness. Isn’t that what we want from photographs?

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